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"Press the fast rewind button, please: we're in Senigallia, Marche, but it's like Wisconsin in the 1950s!" 
Ilaria Bellantoni - Max


The roaring sound of guitars and the pressing rhythm of double basses run down the streets of the city, high waist skirts rise and twirl on playing notes, handheld fans move up and down to cool off the summer heat and elegant leather shoes get worn on the wood of dance floors.

A joyful town, where different languages mix, and you can hear chanting "We're gonna rock, gonna rock, around the clock tonight..." and a great and overwhelming wave of music, dancing and fun completely transform the nuances and atmospheres of this town in the Marche region.

For over twenty years, every summer, the Summer Jamboree has occupied the city of Senigallia (AN). An International Festival of music and culture of America of the 40s and 50s that has become over the years a cult of the Italian summer.

An international reference point where lovers of the music and culture of this extraordinary and inspiring period meet, together with a wider public, people looking for a joyful and cheerful holiday, full of colors and outside of the clichés of fun.


"...the Summer Jamboree represents a very special occasion to live and appreciate Swing, Rock'n'Roll and the extraordinary musical culture of that time, making us happy."
Renzo Arbore


"An unmissable event for all fans of early rock and American Graffiti style."
Rolling Stone


"Summer Jamboree is the festival that stops time."
Lorenza Sebastiani – GRAZIA


"They come from all over the world to the Summer Jamboree, eager to re-discover the happy spirit of that decade. And project it into the future." 
Ilaria Ravarino – GIOIA


"The Summer Jamboree is the closest thing to Back to the Future that science has to offer at the moment: a trip back in time to 1950s America, but without the risk of embarrassing encounters with the teenage version of your mother."
Angelo Pannofino – GQ


“Summer Jamboree - The hottest rockin’ holiday on earth”, the largest European festival to honor the American culture of the 40s and 50s, and Rock’n’Roll. But there’s more. It is a journey to the root of our desires: to be happy”.
Andrea Walter - MARE World Press Photo Award, the Lead Award, the Hansel Mieth Prize